🍝 Cooking 101 

Cooking 101 is all about going back to basics.  Making things from scratch instead of buying processed foods.  Learning how to make healthy economic meals for you and your family.  These workshops are made up of 4 two hours sessions over 4 weeks.  You will learn and cook alongside our SuperGrans and get some recipes to take home and try

These classes generally run on a Tuesday morning between 10am – 12noon.

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🍪 Baking

Baking is something that is no longer common place in our homes.  Homemade baking can be healthy (and not so healthy) but if you make it at home you know exactly what goes into it, something you can’t do when you buy ready made baking.  Come to do some baking with our SuperGrans with a small group of likeminded people. 

These classes generally run on a Friday Morning between 10am - 12noon.

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🐑 Crafty Pop In

Come to SuperGrans Place and learn basic sewing, knitting or crocheting.  If you already know how to do these things you are very welcome to join us. Come along for the company. Supplies can be provided for a small cost.  

Our SuperGrans are on hand to help you every Friday 10am - 2pm.  

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😇 Health & Wellbeing

This is a three session course that will teach you strategies to help reduce anxiety, stress and enable you to live your best life.  You will learn breathing exercises, basic meditation and much more.  This is a great introduction to looking at life in a more holistic way.

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🌱 Gardening

Do you want to learn to grow your own vegetables or increase your gardening knowledge.   

Our volunteers will be able to help!  

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🎁 Gift Making

These are Family workshops (for parents and children) that are run seasonally. We hope to encourage families to make their own gifts rather than spending lots of money.  Homemade gifts can be more meaningful, fun and easy to make.  Baking and Crafts are a big part of these workshops.  

Activities vary depending on the occasion.

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🐝 Beeswax Wraps

Learn how to make your own beeswax wraps.  Beeswax wraps are an alternative to plastic wrap and can be used to wrap sandwiches etc.  They are easy to make once you know how. Come along to our workshop and let our SuperGrans teach you how.

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🍎 Lunchbox ideas and Beeswax Wrap

This is a family workshop (for parents and children).  We show you different things you can put in lunches, while encouraging reduction of waste.  We will provide recipes for things you can make yourself and you’ll have the opportunity to try these with our SuperGrans.  You will also be able to make your own beeswax wrap.