Wall of Love

‘Fantastic outfit. Very helpful without being judgemental'

'I think this service is great and this has been a great experience'

‘SuperGrans have been simply amazing for me and my family’

‘SuperGrans have helped me in so many ways, to grow as a person, a mother and the courage to keep trying to do better ’

‘friendly service and support, recipes for meals really helpful and someone to talk to’

‘My SuperGran was so kind and helpful, I really appreciate what she has done for me’

‘We have really enjoyed our time learning and growing with you guys! Very happy, helpful and respectful’

‘Everybody needs a SUPERGRAN’

‘SuperGrans have been very helpful.  Wonderful place to learn new skills with a friendly gran to talk to!!!’

‘I really enjoyed learning a healthier way of cooking’

‘Helped me understand the benefits of healthy eating and easy recipes and make easily and quickly having kids’

‘I’ve learnt many new skills today and think that they will contribute later on in my life’

‘I felt very supported, it was a very friendly atmosphere’

‘I was taught how to knit very clearly and kindly.  Everyone was very friendly and encouraging’

‘Very very welcoming and friendly, super patient and helpful’

‘Patience when teaching, good helpful instructions’

‘Great ideas and company' So much knowledge to go around’

‘Thank you so much for teaching me to cook easy recipes and you are an amazing person to be around’ 

‘ I enjoy sharing my knowledge’

'showing a Client how to knit & crochet & also being a listening ear'

‘meeting new people and experiencing different life situations'

'A feeling that you are useful and using skills you have'

‘I like being a SuperGran very much if I can help someone and make things better for them'

‘It’s a pleasure to teach others how to do the things I learnt to do when I was young’

‘It’s a joy to see someone achieve something they didn’t think they could do’

‘It’s a privilege to be able to see someone’s confidence grow’