Volunteers live longer!

  Volunteering is officially good for your health.  Who knew that being a volunteer could actually extend your life?! A new study by Harvard University has found that the act of volunteering might actually help us to live longer. The research, published by ‘The American Journal of Preventive Medicine’ found that people over the age of 50 who volunteer on a regular basis (for a minimum of about two hours a week) have a reduced risk of mortality and enjoy better psycho-social outcomes. “Our results show that volunteerism among older adults doesn’t just strengthen communities but enriches our own lives by strengthening our bonds to others, helping us feel a sense of purpose and well being, and protecting us from feelings of loneliness, depression and hopelessness”, explained lead investigator Dr Eric Kim “If you are able to do so while abiding by health guidelines, you not only can help to heal and repair the world, but you can help yourself as well.” Mentors at SuperGrans, Dune