'Eggscellent' work


' Eggcellent' work SuperGrans (and co)!

This morning the hardworking folk at SuperGrans managed to transform 100  eggs and a generously donated box of assorted veg into some very tasty and very nutritious vegetable quiche.

The eggs were donated by the Salvation Army, the box of assorted veg was donated by Kiwi Harvest and the hard work was donated by SuperGran, Jan Campbell, together with an amazing group of helpers from the Dunedin Training Centre. (Pictured above)

It is one of those great stories where everyone gets to benefit.

SuperGrans get to use their fabulous kitchen and make use of their amazing volunteer skill-base. The Dunedin Training Centre students get to learn new cooking skills and develop teamwork. Food that may have gone to waste gets saved from oblivion. And best of all the foodbanks get to distribute some tasty and delicious meals to the people in our community who need it most.

It's a total 'win/ win'!!

"It's the kind of story that makes being a SuperGran super worthwhile", says co manager, Sandy Mckay. 

"Not only do wholesome ingredients get saved from the 'waste bin' but students get to learn new skills, our kitchen gets a good 'workout' and  we all get to leave work with a feeling that we have done something worthwhile for our community."