Introducing The Dunedin Supergrans

Life can be challenging. 

We all have gaps in our ability to survive and to thrive.

SuperGrans recognizes that life works better when we connect with each other. We believe that sharing skills, experience and resources across generations will create healthier communities.

We also believe in going ‘back to basics’. Not having basic life skills can restrict ongoing opportunity and participation. It can also affect confidence and self-esteem.

SuperGrans is a free, holistic, mentoring support service for individuals, families and whanau. Established in Dunedin in 2004, we are part of a nation-wide network, (SuperGrans Aotearoa Inc).

 In Dunedin there are two part-time staff and an amazing team of volunteers who come from a variety of backgrounds. A ‘Gran’ can be young or older, male or female.

Our aim is to provide practical, non-judgemental support that can be either home-based or delivered to groups. At our premises we deliver practical workshops that help people to develop the skills needed to manage and enjoy life. We have a ‘book a gran’ service, regularly scheduled workshops and a popular ‘Crafty Pop-in’ Friday.

Based in the South City Mall we have a large well-equipped kitchen as well as a small collection of sewing machines. A friendly space has been created to encourage people to get together to learn new skills. Grans (mentors) are on hand to support and guide.

SuperGran support is provided in the following areas:


Economical shopping

Meal planning and food preparation

Basic sewing and mending

Gardening to support the food table

Household management and hygiene

Family routines.

We also provide workshops in:

Confident communication

Literacy and numeracy

Digital education

Health and well-being

Herbs for health and basic nutrition

The purpose of our service is to empower people and whanau to be self-reliant. We support people to gain confidence, knowledge and resources to make healthy life-style choices and to reach their full potential.

Our service also provides a platform for people who have skills they want to share. We welcome new ‘Grans’ and will provide regular training and support for our mentors.